Changing Phase of Education in India

Education is the soul of society it passes from one generation to another.

Importance of education in India comes from the very roots of our history. India is a country that has had scholars in each field.

The very culture of Independent India relies heavily upon a sound education system which has always helped in producing the best minds, which are today spread across the globe.

The very culture of Independent India relies heavily upon a sound education system which has always helped in producing the best minds, which are today spread across the globe.

As time passes by, changes took place. Initially where the education system used to function on a “one size fits all” principle, now, there are tailor-made programs and a vast range of specializations available to choose from so that every student’s requirement gets fulfilled with satisfactory outcomes.

In order to maintain a strong balance during the time of changes, it is imperative that institutions come out with innovations.

And as we have stepped more towards globalised environment, technology has started to play a crucial role towards simplifying the education system

Going back a bit in time, we used to have blackboards and chalks for classrooms, whereas today, things have changed.

Education has now extended beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students are no longer confined to books, desks, and benches but have started juggling with multiple things at a time. White boards, markers, projectors, screens and presentations are the tools of the modern day education.

Researchers and Scientists have proven that the best way of communication is through audio and video tools, as these methods allow better retention and recall.

Back in 60s, 70s and Late 80s, we would have used staircases to reach our classrooms, whereas today, there are elevators available in institutions.

The use of modern tools such as computers, laptops, air-conditioned rooms, advanced laboratories, better sporting equipments and so much more, can be easily observed.

Technology breathes life into models which makes them attention grabbing and fun to manipulate.

Innovation has played an important role in this effective use of teaching and learning virtual programs. Modern audio visual aids have taken teaching and instruction to the next level. Students can log in remotely to classes of their interest and reap education benefits from anywhere in the world. These virtual classes are efficient and provide content delivery over internet.

No longer confined to a single platform, education aided by technology has crossed borders and continents.

Several institutions are now offering online courses that can be accessed by students across the globe. Video conferences and applications like Skype have created a global platform of teachers and students.

More and more institutions have now digitalized their assessment process. Students now take online tests that allow them to immediately assess their knowledge base. A student can take an online test, based on his or her availability.

More and more teachers are now using technological aids to keep in touch with their students.

It provides more avenues of communication between them through e-mails and services like dropbox that allows one to upload and share content with a large number of people. With advanced learning techniques, teachers can easily assess the aptitudes of students, gauge their interests and suggest the best learning.

Technology has opened the door to quick efficient communication 24/7. Most information in library can be accessed from anwhere anytime.

Online libraries and e-books are now in vogue. Features like Google Books, provide snippets of a large number of books, thus bringing together new books and publishers to the readers. Thanks to the Internet, publishers and readers can now discover each other with the help of a click!

Simulating real life problems, video games can bring about behavioral changes in the students by making them more goal-oriented. Gaming models not only provide a wide range of information but also initiate students to be problem-solvers.

Education today is no moe a burden for the student. The bulky books have given way to laptops which weigh much less.

Technology and media have positively impacted the field of education. Use of animation, videos, multimedia aids has transformed traditional learning methods by making it more engaging, fun and entertaining.

M-learning or mobile learning is the newest avatar of modern education.

A large number of mobile applications have already become popular means of education because of their innovative take on traditional learning methods.

With multimedia the explanation of concept becomes more easier, thus overcoming the deficit of learning in classroom. It also helps students better understand lessions.

Some students find classroom learning ‘boring’ and ‘unimaginative’. Such students are effectively lured into studying through digital aids which provide a perfect blend of fun and learning.

All these ways of conducting education today is resulting in better results. With the increase in the number of students the number of educated and talented manpower entering the economy is also large and this leads to the development of the nation.

The long seen dream and hard-worked initiative of modern and digital India, is soon becoming a reality with the new age methods of teaching and learning being used in Indian classrooms.

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