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Padosan Ki Nayi Car | Short Film on Conspicuous Consumption

Conspicuous Consumption is spending of money and the acquiring of luxury goods to publicly display income/ accumulated wealth signalling their superior social status in society.

India with a booming economy and improved living standards has witnessed a steep rise in consumerism off late. Our aspiration to live an extravagant life and the desire of immediate gratification and expectations has led to a consumption binge with lesser practical utility.

Today, growth in consumerism is observed across all tiers of the society. Larger homes, expensive cars, designer clothes and electronic accessories are confounded as needs, rather than a luxury. Saving for retirement and insuring against emergencies are among the last things in our mind.

Yet, the onus is on you and me and the society to avoid falling into this trap of conspicuous consumption because “If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need”.

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Don’t underestimate a Bihari

There are people who hates Bihar and Bihari people, but there are a large number of people who admires and respect them too. Dabangg Bihari Rocks.

Bihar- The Birth place of Guru Gobind Singh ji, Epicenter of trade, learning, culture and power, first republic in the world, Birthplace of two religions Jainism and Buddhism, Mathematics is in their blood, Home of once largest University of the world.

There is seriously no place where you can challenge a Bihari in the world. Do not believe me?

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What really happens in a Tuition Class

In India, majority of students, be it of any class or stream, visit a coaching center or a study circle for tuition. Seeing the present competition and cut-offs, Tuition classes are no longer an option, but have become a necessity for students.

Children about six years have to worry each morning going to school by 7.30am, and then they have stay focused in classes packed with 40- 60 students. When they return home, they realize that the day has only just begun. As they have to get themselves motivated for another round of studies through tuition. The concept of learning has lost credibility and all attention is focused on passing.


Parents tend to feel that when we are at work, the child might not study alone at home. Parents believe that tuition are essential as they fear that schools are not able to do enough with students of different capabilities.

Teachers believe that over competitiveness is forcing the rush for tuition. In a crunched class, the teacher is prevented from utilizing the full potential of a child of above average intelligence.

We need to move away from exam-oriented system and focus on how much the child learn and understand. Children are not encouraged to read and not trained to apply their mind by the current education system in the country.

It is wrong today to think that the students will do well if they are sent to coaching classes.


A private tuition teacher today earns well around Rs.70,000 a month on an average. Some teachers have become immensely popular. Students book in advance to attend classes. Gone are the days when only weak students went for tuition.

Re-Live your Tuition Days. This online comedy show will sure leave you with a smile on your face. Do watch till the end!!

Types of Customers we all know

In India customer are next to God. And a customer is always right. Different Types of Customers and to deal with them are so much fun to deal with. A business most vital asset is its customers and without them, it would not and could not exist.

A customer is an individual or business who purchases the goods and services produced. Attracting them is the primary goal of most public-facing businesses. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.


We are constantly faced with the issue of trying to find new customers. Most of us are obsessed with how our advertising, displays, and pricing all attract new business. This idea of focusing on the best customers should be seen as an on-going opportunity. If we are serious about growing our business, we need to focus our effort on the loyal customers and merchandise our store.

When you think about how to grow business, the first thing that comes to mind is probably getting new customers. But the customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales. It is easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you.

Having a great customer service and assuming that your customers are passing the word about your business would not to do much to increase your customer base. How to win your loyal customers is a question in everyone mind. Sometimes it is challenging to build those relationships. The questions you get asked in a customer facing role can be interesting, monotonous, funny and challenging. The key is to make customer feel welcome and helped.


A Hilarious entertainment research on Customer Personality Types in a shopping complex, restaurant or a sweet shop. Which one are you.

Things that Happens with Middle Class Families

India is the world’s fastest-growing large economy, where middle class constitute half of country’s population. A sizable and healthy middle-class can be viewed as a characteristic of a healthy society.

Everyone in India thinks they belong to ‘middle class’ and actually according to experts only 2% of Indians actually are.


But what are the obvious traits of being middle class? Can you guess any tell-tale signs?

Do you belong to the Middle class family. Then these are few things that happen with middle class families. You would certainly relate to these things that you’ll get if you’re from a middle class family.


In case you are wondering if you have achieved the elite middle class status, fear no more and check out the video what it really takes to become a Middle Class.