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Mt Everest- First Successful Indian ascent from North Col (1996)

Mount Everest is a challenge to man spirit. Nature in the raw in all its bounty, wild, unfettered and beautiful, beyond description. T he world’s highest mountain peak the Everest was known in the Western world as Peak 15. To the Nepalese population it was known as Sagarmatha which is the Summit Of Heaven. To the Tibetan people people it was Mt Chomolungma meaning the mother goddess of the land.


In honour of Sir George Everest, the surveyor General of India of India it was renamed Everest by the British in 1865. The attraction of the Everest for mountaineers is undeniable and the climbing season short if they are are to avoid, the freezing temperatures. Temperature scales and deep snows that characterize the mountain for most of the year.

Although many attempts to reach its Summit have ended in failure and sometimes death for the expedition members, climber’s remain undeterred. In recent years there has been successfull attempts by climber’s from all over the world, including teams of women or those who have chosen not to use oxygen. Climber’s continue to attempt the ultimate Summit with very little difference between life and death and with a high degree of risk involved at every step, the mountaineers fights all odds- the vagories of the weather and extreme climate trying to tackle the toughest of challenges .


The ITBP has an enviable record having climbed more than 102 mountain peaks including 42 peaks never climbed before. Being known as the elite force in the world, the ITBP accepted this challenge and launched the expedition from the China side in 1996. The expedition team had 25 climbers- 20 from the Indo Tibetan Border Police including 3 ladies, the other members including 1 each from the Intelligence Bureau and the Central Reserve Police Force, 2 from the Punjab Police and 1 Mongolian climber.

Under the benign guidance of the DG ITBP, the official supervision of Diwakar Prasad IG – Headquaters and at the instance of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India these climber’s took to the challenge of scaling the Everest the world’s highest peak in 1996.

When preparation started in Delhi, it was time to workout to transportation priorities, vital equipment and stores had added up to as much as 15 ton which were inspected, packed and loaded. Cylinders of cooking gas, the latest type of oxygen cylinders, excellent quality climbing equipment, generators, tents, mattresses and sleeping bag, medical supplies and ofcourse tined and raw food to suit different tastes and requirements were put together after months of meticulous planning and preparation. The best equipments to sute the need of the expedition were imported from other countries the help of the Indian Mountaineering Federation.

Having been flagged off on the 18th March, the team comprising 30 members left Delhi on the 22nd March 1996 for Kathmandu in Nepal. They entered Tibet on 30th March 1996 to be greeted warmly by Chinese official at the Nepal China border friendship Bridge. Before attempting the ardous terrain members offered a customary Pooja to seek blessings of the almighty at the temple in Kathmandu and Rangbuk at the height of 16500 feet which is considered to be the highest Buddhist monastery near the base camp. They prayed for the success of the mission, the well being of members and their safe return. The official tradition of offering a prayer was also kept alive at the monastery in China.

A base camp was set up on the Rangbuk Glacier at the altitude of 17200 feet on the 5th of April . A customary Pooja was also performed at the base camp for the success of the mission. Later on 6 higher camps will also set up. The first camp was established above the base camp on the 7th of April at a height of 18500 feet. Camp 2 was established on the 8th of April at 19100 feet. As the team moved further, at 21400 feet, camp 3 was established on 10th of April which was an advanced base camp. The advance base camp was the main centre of expedition activities from where all Logistic and meticulous planning was formulated by the leader. A Satellite Inmar Sat communication was also installed for the first time by the Indian Mountaineering expedition team. Planning future moves strategically, camp 4 was set up on the 19th of April at 23100 feet.

The route involved painstaking planning and physical endurance to negotiate the most favourable North East Rig route which is badly affected by furious stroms and snow cyclones. One of the most difficult Rocky routes, mixed with steep slope on the high reaches, was a challenge to the climbers potential. The lack of oxygen coupled with the thin air as the mountaineer proceeded posed a serious threat was only to endurance of these climbers but even to their lives. Heavy wind never allows snow to accumulate on the North face and one has negotiate steep frozen rocks and clay. But the climbers move on Inch By Inch on his spikes towards his destination with indomitable spirit. Camp 5 and camp 6 were established 25750 ft. And 27300 ft. on the 3rd and 9th of May respectively. All camps were fully equipped and stores were dumped.

The selection of the assault team at this stage is the most discisive factors in the success or failure of the final assault. The assault teams are a combination of all sorts of climbers who form a Perfect Combination of mountaineers of man with a cool temperament, patience and to top it all men with perfect climbing abilities.

With a combination of such climbers an assault team for the first Summit attempt was launched as scheduled on 10th of May 1996. The three climber namely T. Samanla, Shuang Pulzor and Dorjemuru made a determined effort and reached the top of Mount Everest at 6 p.m.

ITBP created landmark in history of Indian Mountaineering, this moment of Glory and achievement was convey to the Prime Minister through satellite communication. The eminence of the first Ascent was however short lived, the 3 Summiteers lost their lives on the way back due to a deadly blizzard and high velocity winds. These men of valour sacrifice their life in the pursuit of glory and achievement. Normally such a fatal mishap causes demoralization in the expedition team, but for the team members this sacrifice served​ as a source of inspiration and they took this up as a challenge to give life to the dreams of these Martyrs. With their patience and courage the team members assured the nation that the spirit of the expedition would not be dampened by the loss of 3 lives and prove themselves true by successfully scaling the dream peak and establish the credibility of the force.

As a defeating tribute to the 3 Brave mountaineers, the next summit party comprising Havaldar Sange Sherpa, Havaldar Hira Ram, Nayak Tashi ram, Nadre Sherpa and Sherpa portar once again hoisted the Indian tricolour on the top of world on the 17th of May 1996 at 9:55 a.m. They marched forward till success touch their feet despite narrow blushes with life and death.

While appreciating the historical glory brought to the nation by the gallant ITBP mountaineers, His Excellency Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma the then President of India congratulated the team creating a landmark in the field of Mountaineering. The team received the heartious congratulation from Director General, IG Headquarters, Officers of the ITBP, the Cabinet Secretary and the entire country.

We cannot but marvel this Man of Steel and their indomitable spirit for having brought laurels to the Indian Tibetan Border Police. With every step traversing deep bottomless crevices, steep frozen ice hole and facing natural celebrities by strom, snow fall and blizzard, these mountaineers give proof of their commitment to the ITBP Moto- Shaurya Dridhta Karmanishtha.


And before the sounds of victory fade away to be seen only in the books of Mountaineering history, the countries salute the Indian Tibetan Border Police and their members for bringing Name, Fame & Glory to the country.

Don’t underestimate a Bihari

There are people who hates Bihar and Bihari people, but there are a large number of people who admires and respect them too. Dabangg Bihari Rocks.

Bihar- The Birth place of Guru Gobind Singh ji, Epicenter of trade, learning, culture and power, first republic in the world, Birthplace of two religions Jainism and Buddhism, Mathematics is in their blood, Home of once largest University of the world.

There is seriously no place where you can challenge a Bihari in the world. Do not believe me?

A must watch video for all. Do comment and share the video with your bihari friends.

Specsy is indeed Sexy! Ft. Sunny Leone (Video)

The best glasses for your face. Find the right frame for your face. Understand your face shape. Tips to look awesome wearing glasses. Learn the right type of glasses or the best eyeglasses for men and women. Weird things you get to hear if you wear spectacles.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 23.15.50.png

There’s always struggles of people who wear glasses. The video is about the things people who wear specs will relate to. A must watch video for all. Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who wear specs and look awesome.

Prayschit : Changing the mindset on Female Foeticide (Video)

Female foeticide is illegal in India and is a punishable offence. Must watch short film on female foeticide and Save the Girl Child.

The discrimination against the female gender has reached such levels that when the foetus being carried by a pregnant woman is that of a female, the foetus is destroyed in the very womb. Illegal abortion of the female foetus is done due to family pressure and the reasons for this are preference of son, girls being considered as a burden, poverty, illiteracy, social discrimination against women etc.


Female foeticide is a sin, stop the practice! Female foeticide has a serious impact on the overall growth and development of the country.

Come lets all join hands in the fight. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. By empowering the girl child we would empower the nation.

Female foeticide is epidemic and we need to spread awareness to stop this cruel practice. Let us take a pledge today to spread awareness regarding the heinous practice and let the practice of female foeticide be stopped! A short film that highlights the hypocrisy of the society.


Stop Female Infanticide. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

A must watch video for all. Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative have daughters.


Will You be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Special. We all have expectations on Valentines Day but do they really turn into Reality. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day Special Video.


Valentine’s Day -14th Febuary is the time to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. On Valentine’s Day you show appreciation for the people you love or adore through greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses and even romantic dinner dates.


The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century. The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496! Having a particular Valentine’s Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from a Roman festival.

saint-valentin-histoire.jpg St. Valentine was buried, Julia, the daughter of his jailor, planted an almond tree with pink blossoms near his grave. The almond tree today is a symbol of lasting friendship and love. Cupid is the son of Venus. Venus was the god of beauty and love.


Valentine`s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards, second only to Christmas. At this time lovers express their love with gifts of flowers, candy and cards, which were called ‘valentines’

Are You Marriageable?

Are You Perfect Marriage Material.

There’s no need to fret about momentary uncertainty. Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you can make, so make sure you are picking the right person. Hilarious video on Every Arranged Marriage Ever.


Is it easy to disregard your reservations when you have found someone who is perfect for you. Types of people you meet for arranged marriages. By trusting your instincts in the beginning, could save you a tremendous amount of hurt over a period of time in a relationship.

What is the qualification benchmark for being the perfect couple? A must watch video for every married couples.

Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who are about to tie the knots.

Mujme Hai Woh Baat- Republic Day 2018 Special… Motivational Video

Most people who join the Indian armed forces do it because of a certain notion of patriotism and believe in the idea of the Nation. A career in the Indian armed forces is different from all other career options. It is not simply a job. Mostly people join the armed forces out of their sense of Patriotism.


Do you have it in you? To be a part of world’s finest army and become a gentleman for life. An officer in the Indian Army inherits glorious heritage and lasting traditions, blended perfectly with the latest advances in technology in the fields of armament, management, engineering and medical sciences. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world’s finest Army and get trained not only to be an Officer but also a Gentleman for life.


A career in defence forces is one of the most prestigious and respected one in the country. Younger generation who aspire to choose a career of excitement, adventure, and challenges find no better place than defence to meet all their professional expectations.

The armed forces consist of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. All three forces have their own methods of entry and have different structures.


The Indian Armed Forces symbolize the ideals of service, patriotism and composite culture of the country.

The Indian Army is responsible for defending the territorial integrity of the country against all external aggression and internal disturbances. The Indian Air Force is responsible for the air defence of the country, ensuring both offensive and defensive roles. The Indian Navy is responsible for defending the extensive coastline of the country in times of war and peace.

If this Indian Army Motivational Video doesn’t give you the Goosebumps,, then nothing will. A must watch video for all. Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who wish to pursue a career in Indian Defence Forces. For More Information on How to Join Indian Army- Log in to-




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