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Life hacks for everyday things | The right way and the wrong way to do things

Life has made us quick learners. Do you know the best life hacks ever. There are many things we do wrong everyday.

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It used to be that these sorts of tricks stayed within families having been passed down through the generations.Today, we have the internet. And as a result, information for all.

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Would you like to know 10 everyday things that you are doing wrong. There are many simple life hack which you should know. A definitive list of life hacks that will actually simplify and improve your everyday life.

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Priya Prakash Varrier -Thruth behind the Viral Video

Priya Prakash Varrier debut film, Oru Adaar Love, Malayalam Film has taken the nation by the storm in the Valentine Week Special.


The 18-year-old actress became an online sensation after a Malayalam song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from the film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ was released mainly due to her infective cuteness.


Malayalam actor blinked her eye that attracted millions of the heart and she became an Internet sensation overnight. Oru Adaar Love is a Romantic Comedy Movie based on the story-line of some School going Boys and Girls. School Romances will always be special, No matter how old you are now.

Will You be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Special. We all have expectations on Valentines Day but do they really turn into Reality. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day Special Video.


Valentine’s Day -14th Febuary is the time to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. On Valentine’s Day you show appreciation for the people you love or adore through greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses and even romantic dinner dates.


The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century. The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496! Having a particular Valentine’s Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from a Roman festival.

saint-valentin-histoire.jpg St. Valentine was buried, Julia, the daughter of his jailor, planted an almond tree with pink blossoms near his grave. The almond tree today is a symbol of lasting friendship and love. Cupid is the son of Venus. Venus was the god of beauty and love.


Valentine`s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards, second only to Christmas. At this time lovers express their love with gifts of flowers, candy and cards, which were called ‘valentines’

Are You Marriageable?

Are You Perfect Marriage Material.

There’s no need to fret about momentary uncertainty. Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you can make, so make sure you are picking the right person. Hilarious video on Every Arranged Marriage Ever.


Is it easy to disregard your reservations when you have found someone who is perfect for you. Types of people you meet for arranged marriages. By trusting your instincts in the beginning, could save you a tremendous amount of hurt over a period of time in a relationship.

What is the qualification benchmark for being the perfect couple? A must watch video for every married couples.

Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who are about to tie the knots.

Mujme Hai Woh Baat- Republic Day 2018 Special… Motivational Video

Most people who join the Indian armed forces do it because of a certain notion of patriotism and believe in the idea of the Nation. A career in the Indian armed forces is different from all other career options. It is not simply a job. Mostly people join the armed forces out of their sense of Patriotism.


Do you have it in you? To be a part of world’s finest army and become a gentleman for life. An officer in the Indian Army inherits glorious heritage and lasting traditions, blended perfectly with the latest advances in technology in the fields of armament, management, engineering and medical sciences. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world’s finest Army and get trained not only to be an Officer but also a Gentleman for life.


A career in defence forces is one of the most prestigious and respected one in the country. Younger generation who aspire to choose a career of excitement, adventure, and challenges find no better place than defence to meet all their professional expectations.

The armed forces consist of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. All three forces have their own methods of entry and have different structures.


The Indian Armed Forces symbolize the ideals of service, patriotism and composite culture of the country.

The Indian Army is responsible for defending the territorial integrity of the country against all external aggression and internal disturbances. The Indian Air Force is responsible for the air defence of the country, ensuring both offensive and defensive roles. The Indian Navy is responsible for defending the extensive coastline of the country in times of war and peace.

If this Indian Army Motivational Video doesn’t give you the Goosebumps,, then nothing will. A must watch video for all. Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who wish to pursue a career in Indian Defence Forces. For More Information on How to Join Indian Army- Log in to-




Live Life Bollywood Style

Bollywood or Indian Cinema is the world’s largest film industry. It is  one of the largest centers of film production in the world employing a number of people and quantum of films produced. India is home to regional industries making films in more than 20 languages


Bollywood- The Indian Cinema began over 100 years ago with Dhundiraj Govind Phalke’s Raja Harischandra a silent movie screened in Mumbai on 3 May, 1913. Thus began the journey of Indian cinema.


Bollywood movies are highly popular as they have unique display of emotions and sentiments. These emotion packed masala block-busters often motivate and inspire us in real life.

There are number of movies released whose scripts are inspired from real life incidents. Audience love & appreciate the artistic work in real life too.

In the film-loving country such as ours we always plan our weekends around the movies. A perfect getaway from the stress full mundane world is a trip to the cinema. Bollywood has a often offered a long list of films to offer for film lovers year after years.


Hilarious real life funny video on random situations on bollywood style. Do watch till the end and share with your friends and relative who are bollwood fans. A must watch video for all.



Trip for Vacation 👕🎒 ✈️

It’s time for a holiday and you are already planning your getaway from work and stress. Believe it or not, the packing for a trip can be an enjoyable one. How you pack smart for a trip plays a big role in the outcome of your trip. So come Pack with me.

A hilarious take on travel tips on how to to pack your carry-on for a trip, you have to organize everything you would need while you are away and pack it all into your suitcase in a manner that reduces space. It is always useful to have a rundown of items you may want to pack

There are also a few specific guidelines to keep in mind for anyone packing. A hilarious video on what happens when you pack for a trip with friends and the drama that unfolds while packing for a trip with friends.


Keep this travel tips in handy as you would want to refer to it as your trip gets closer. It’ll serve as a tool to tell you what to pack.

  1. Main Travel Bag- Pick items that is versatile, lightweight and strong enough to hold all your essentials. Choose from wheeled, duffel bags, travel backpack, and carry on.
  2. Organize Packing Items- Keeping packing items organized can be a challenge. This would mean not only will you know exactly where everything is, but your clothing can be arranged and fit into your bag. Choose clothing which can be layered-make an entire list of essential cloths to be packed, electronic gadgets, convertors, power bank, speakers, headphone essentials.
  • Toiletries- Don’t forget the following travel essentials for your toiletry bag-Toothbrush, toothpaste, Hair brush, Deodorant, Shampoo and conditioner, Sunscreen with SPF, Face wash, Personal hygiene items, Cologne, Shaving kit, Hand sanitize r and wet wipes
  • Essential medicines- A basic first aid kit with personal prescribed medicines, pain and fever relievers, Insect repellent, Eye drops.
  • Carry On bag- Most essential items you may need with you including few toiletries. It is always nice to have a bag that is easy to access but always keep it light.
  • Travel Infotainment Kit- Completely researched document on where, what to see, Travel journal, pen, Books and magazines, Guide books, travel guides, maps, language guides, etc.
  • Important Travel Documents- Arrange all your important travel document- ticket, Personal ID Card/ passport in a document organizer. Also keep extra handy cash / credit cards. Double check on expiry dates.
  • Back Home- If you are on a vacation, it is essential that you get your home in order before you go. Few things to remember before you go- Stop newspaper delivery, Set up an email on auto respond, arrangement for care of pets, lawn, and plants, empty refrigerator, switch off /unplug appliances, leave house key with a trusted friend


Don’t worry you are going to have great time! Just make sure you think these list of activities beforehand. A travel to a new place makes us better than we were and opening our vision and giving us newfound respect.

Do watch the video till the end and share with your friends and relative who too are in process of packing for a trip, so that they don’t miss out the tips and guide while planning a vacation.




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