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Excuse me Boss | Type of Excuses people make to leave office| Funny Comedy Video

Getting out from a deep comfortable sleep by fighting out all beautiful dreams is a bit difficult for many people. When they rush to work jumping out all the hurdles that come through from home to office, they get to work late. There are many excuses which are explained by late comers to their higher professionals, some are interesting and some are funny.


What are some of the excuses people give for taking one day leave from office?

We’ve all been there. Being late and giving our bosses the worst excuses ever we can come up with. A hilarious take on Types of Office People and Common Excuses Employees Give for Coming Late to Office. We tried a hand at depicting the best excuses to give your boss in order to escape work


Let’s glance through the video to see excuses put forward by these delayed people when they are out of time to work.