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Traffic Jam : How People React

In a modern busy metropolis, traffic Jam or the congestion is a major hurdle in our journey to create a Smart City that everyone is talking about.

India’s economic growth has resulted in a massive increase in the number of private vehicles on its roads overwhelming the transport infrastructure.


No single approach can be best-suited for managing congestion. The success or failure that cities experience in tackling congestion will ultimately depend on how well they organize themselves to carry out the task they set for themselves.

Breaking the gridlock won’t be easy, because even if we invest hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure, we’ll struggle to bring mass transit to everyone’s front door.

As cities in India consider ways to cut congestion. We don’t have to wait a decade to create the cities of the future. With progressive regulations and the technology already in our pockets, we can build mobility alternatives for our cities.


Our traffic sense will not change unless we have proper knowledge of road etiquette. Share your Traffic Jam experiences.