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Movie Review- Tiger Zinda Hai

Tiger Zinda Hai  an Ali Abbas Zafar film is action packed film. The film has right essence of bollywood curry, humour, masala, bhaigiri, terrorism, the and a joint mission with of Agent Tiger of Indian RAW & Pakistan’s ISI agent Zoya and is all served with humour, masala and plenty of action.


We all saw Ek Tha Tiger, where the two agents fell in ove with each other and these two went hidding. Tiger vowed to come back only when these two nations wont require the secret services.

In the meanwhile in Iraq the Jihadist ISIS/ ISIL abducts some Indian and Pakistani nurses. And we see the return of our Tiger and Zoya Bhabhi from Austria.


Right from hisentry’ scene complete with the trademark Salman scarf and his fight with a pack of wolves, and single-handedly taking on an entire army of terrorists. Katrina Kaif, as Zoya, proved her prowess and gave thrilling and well choreographed action sequences.

The films gathers speed from scene1 and is well scripted till end. You are compelled and spell-bound in the entire 2 hour 41 minutes in theatre. The films plays an emotional Salman Bhaigiri and also aims to be a well-meaning Indo-Pak peace initiative bringing RAW and ISI together on a joint mission.

The film has right flavour of patriotism and can be touted as Salman’s Christmas Gift to his fans.

Our Indian patriotic hero married a Pakistani but still makes her cook Indian food , reading the story of Bhagat Singh to his young son and to top it regarding the tricolour above the Quran. Cheesy Salman lines would make you laugh throughout. The films has plenty scene where you forget your class and want to blow whistle like a front bencher. Swag Se karenge Sabka Swagat would make you dance.

The film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar is slick and fast paced. The use of locations in Greece, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, and Austria are appropriate. Lyric of Irshad Kamil and music by Vishal Shekhar as always is soothing. Action and special effect wont make you blink an eye-lid. The film has right combo and make you feel wanting for the third part. And you feel ticket price along with burger and popcorn worth the spend.