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Types of neighbors we all have

You can be a good neighbour only if you have good neighbors. We all have good and bad neighbours. We would discuss about types of neighbours we all have next door.


We all are social animals and our neighbourhood would justify that. Neighbors are most important persons and part of our daily life. We sometimes get upset with annoying things neighbours say. We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor. All of us have come across neighbours who have turned into our friends for life and then there are those who have left a bad taste in our life.

Staying in a society or an active neighborhood gives all of us a chance to meet different people with varied mindsets. And definitely, most of us might come across a few of these types.

I am sure we all had a fair share of neighbors living next door that are super fun and crazy, and if their antics stop right there we probably might like them. But what happens when they go crazy.


You would never have bad neighbours, but your neighbours definitely would. So enjoy being the normal one amongst the crazy lot!


And we always say “Love thy neighbour” because neither we can you live with them, neither can we live without.